Comparative analysis of File System of Operating System

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NTFS (New Technology File System)
This system was developed by Microsoft. For the first time, it was included in Windows NT 3.1. Since then, it is default system used in windows NT. NTFS has many advantages over other systems like FAT and HPFS such as improvements in metadata, it used advanced data structures, and disk space utilization, reliability, and additional extensions, such as file system journaling and security access control lists (ACL). In the mid-1980s, IBM and Microsoft  formed a project for creation of the next generation of operating system powered with GUI. The result of the project was OS/2, but later on both disagreed on many issues and eventually separated. OS/2 remained in hands of IBM and Microsoft started to work on Windows NT. The OS/2 file system HPFS was loaded with several important features. When Microsoft created a new OS, they took many concepts from OS/2 for NTFS system. Perhaps it is why both systems have a common disk partition identification type code (07). This Sharing of ID is unusual, as there were tens of available codes, and other file systems have their own code. FAT has more than nine (one each for FAT12, FAT16,FAT32, etc.). Algorithms those identify these systems must have to perform some other checks for complete identification. Recoverability:   Its recoverability is managed in such a way that a user seldom has to run a disk repair system. It guarantees consistency of volume by using some standard transaction logging plus recovery techniques. In case of a system failure, NTFS consults its log file and checkpoint information for automatic restoring of the consistency of the file system. Compression:    For NTFS file systems, windows 2000 uses an automatic system for compression. Any file compressed in this system can be used or read by a program directly without any need of decompression. While reading file, decompression happens automatically. On close of stream, this file is compressed again.

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