Comparative Analysis of Factors Affecting Popularity of Leading Airlines in India

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Dr. Shalini Trivedi Group No : 2 Sr. Lecturer Leela Lakshmi (E-6) Department of Economics Vidhi Shah (E-20) Amity Business School Arun Prasath (E-32) Amity University Arpit Shukla (E-40) Lalit(E-53) Ankit Podder (E-54) Tamoshree Mondal (E-56)


Acknowledgement is not only a ritual but also an expression of indebtedness to all those who helped in the completion of the project.

We would like thank Amity Business School for giving us such an opportunity to learn this subject practically.

We are thankful to Dr. Shalini Trivedi, under whom we got the golden opportunity to undertake this project. The help, assistance and guidance that we received during the course of this project will be earnestly cherished in times to come.

We would like to thank Dr. Shalini Trivedi, our faculty guide her keen interest in the project, extended timely help, cooperation, ideas and constructive criticism that helped us complete the project to the best of our ability in the available time frame.

We would also like to thank Dr S K Laroiya for the valuable time and sharing of his knowledge and experience with us.

We would also like to thank all our respondents for their response and support.


The research report titled “A comparative analysis of factors affecting popularity of leading airlines in India – Kingfisher and Jet Airways”. The research focuses on all the factors affecting popularity of the airlines.

Airlines under study
← Jet Airways
← Kingfisher

The objective of the study is to know the services provided by these airlines and its impact on the popularity of the airlines. To achieve the objective the study entailed a survey of 76 respondents based on simple random sampling. The survey was carried out in different locations of Delhi and NCR.

The questionnaire was based on set of parameters such as
Brand Value of airlines, price, and services provided by airlines, Promotion and advertisements and overall customer satisfactions which help to gather the consumers view point on popularity of a particular airline. The result of the survey was than analyzed with the help of SPSS Software through graphical and tabulation method. The overall result indicate that Direct flights, availability of tickets and price are the major factors to choose the particular airlines Services provided by the airlines have a direct impact on overall customer satisfaction of the customers. Promotional strategies doesn’t play any significant role in popularity to other factors.In terms of overall popularity Kingfisher has an edge over Jet Airways, though Jet is a tough competition for Kingfisher.

Table of content

• Acknowledgement
• Abstract

• Introduction
Background of Study
Problem Statement
• Literature Review
• Industry overview
• Objective
• Identification and Operationalization of Variables
• Model of Project
• Research Methodology
• Data Analysis and Findings
• Conclusion
• Recommendation
• Bibliography

Background Study:
From the onset of economic downturn one of the aspiring sector of Indian economy has emerge into the picture—the aviation industry of India . The recent increase in ATF , strike of the pilots in Jet Airways, sudden pink slip of the flight...
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