Comparative Analysis(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
(Comparative Analysis)

Submitted to: Carlos Rafael “Cean” Arce
Submitted by: Denise Moradilla
Cast of Characters
-Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka
-Freddie Highmore as Charlie Bucket
-David Kelly as Grandpa Joe
-Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Bucket
-Noah Taylor as Mr. Bucket
-Missi Pyle as Mrs. Beauregarde
-James Fox as Mr. Salt
-Deep Roy as Oompa-Loompas
-Christopher Lee as Dr. Wilbur Wonka
-Adam Godley as Mr. Teavee
-Franziska Troegner as Mrs. Gloop
-AnnaSophia Robb as Violet Beauregarde
-Julia Winter as Veruca Salt
-Jordan Fry as Mike Teavee
-Philip Wiegratz as Augustus Gloop
-Blair Dunlop as Young Willy Wonka
-Liz Smith as Grandma Georgina
-Eileen Essell as Grandma Josephine
-David Morris as Grandpa George
-Geoffrey Holder as Narrator

Charlie Bucket is an ordinary boy who lives in poverty. His four grandparents are bedridden and they only rely on his father’s income. Down the street is Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. He announced that there will be a contest whereby children who finds the five Golden Tickets will be given a tour around the factory and will have the chance to win the unknown grand prize. Four of the five tickets are found quickly; the greedy and gluttonous Augustus Gloop from Düsseldorf; the spoiled and rotten Veruca Salt from London; the competitive and boastful Violet Beauregarde from Atlanta; and the arrogant and aggressive Mike Teavee from Denver. On the other hand, Charlie who was walking on the streets found a money and quickly bought a chocolate bar. And when he opened it, he was surprised when the Golden Ticket was inside. When he and his Grandpa Joe toured around, they were amazed on how fantastical the factory was. But as they go to each stations, the four children were tempted and ended up being caught in the factory workings. Charlie who was the only remaining child receives the grand prize, the heir to Wonka’s company. But unfortunately, Charlie refuses to go with Willy Wonka saying that he’d rather stay with his family than have a luxury life. Charlie then discovered that Willy had a troubled past with his father. And when they visit Willy’s father, Willy learned that despite of his strict avoidance of candy, he still followed him all throughout his success. When he and his father reconcile, he allowed Charlie to move in his factory together with his family.

Selection: Summary
Mr. Willy Wonka, the eccentric owner of the greatest chocolate factory in the world, has decided to open the doors of his factory to five lucky children and their parents. In order to choose who will enter the factory, Mr. Wonka devises a plan to hide five golden tickets beneath the wrappers of his famous chocolate bars. The search for the five golden tickets is fast and furious. Augustus Gloop, a corpulent child whose only hobby is eating, unwraps the first ticket, for which his town throws him a parade. Veruca Salt, an insufferable brat, receives the next ticket from her father, who had employed his entire factory of peanut shellers to unwrap chocolate bars until they found a ticket. Violet Beauregarde discovers the third ticket while taking a break from setting a world record in gum chewing. The fourth ticket goes to Mike Teavee, who, as his name implies, cares only about television. Charlie Bucket, the unsuspecting hero of the book, defies all odds in claiming the fifth and final ticket. A poor but virtuous boy, Charlie lives in a tiny house with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bucket, and all four of his grandparents. His grandparents share the only bed in the house, located in the only bedroom, and Charlie and his parents sleep on mattresses on the floor. Charlie gets three sparse meals a day, which is hardly enough to nourish a growing boy, As a result, he is almost sickly thin. Once a year, on his birthday, Charlie gets one bar of Wonka chocolate, which he savors over many months. The...

-Charlie is accompanied by Grandpa Joe -Oompa Loompa’s song is impromptu -Violet returned to normal shape
Critic: ★ ★ ★ ★
I gave “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” four stars because it was a good and very meaningful movie. It is full of lessons and has humor. I like the setting maybe because of what Tim Burton did while filming the movie, he said that he avoided using digital effects most of the time because he wants the young actors to feel as if they were working in a realistic environment. And seeing the animals used in the movie was real makes me more excited. Like how did they do that, how long did they train the animals, what kind of techniques did they use and many questions came up to my mind. The rating wasn’t perfect because of the poor graphics and the not-so-high quality effects. Maybe because they focused on the scale models and oversized props, but nonetheless the movie was great and fun to watch. It was entertaining and funny.
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