Comparative Analysis

Topics: Humanoid robot, Robot, Robotics Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Comparative Analysis
Twenty years ago, I read a few books about robots, and I found robots very odd from human beings. At that time, few people might talk about robots during their free time. However, robots are not already a strange term for people today. As science and technology rapidly develop, robots seem to lose their mystery gradually and have been used in many fields. Thus, some problems caused by the development and use of robots emerge. Whether or not people should apply ethics to humanoids represents one of these issues. By comparing two articles about this issue, we can obtain more information about the issue itself and get an answer of the issue according to two author’s explanation. According to “Humanoid Robotics: Ethical Considerations”, David Bruemmer says humans cannot be replaced by human-like robots. As technology constantly develops, he thinks robots which are equipped with some motivational system are more helpful to people. In the article, Bruemmer also explains the reasons why some people are worried about the development of human-like robots. In addition, despite he supports that robots should be given emotion, but he thinks people who invest to produce human-like robots should abide by some principle that governs the behavior of robots. Finally, he says people don’t need to fear robots because these humanoids stand for themselves. The second article, written by Kathleen Richardson, shows that the human-like robots can be a human’s friend and help people, especially old people. Richardson uses several examples of humanoid robots which she has proven successfully the validity of her perspective. Robots which have added more progressive systems and software can reduce their owner’s stress, both in daily life and in the working. Even if some scientists who apply ethics to robots think that giving robots more status will have bad consequences, author always insists on her opinion. In the last, she restates her opinion, and advises...

References: 1. Bruemmer, D. (2006). Humanoid Robotics: Ethical Considerations. The Idaho National Laboratory.
2. Richardson, K. (2007). My Friend the Robot. The Times (London).
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