Comparative Analysis

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Automobile, Advertising Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Cheyenne Craig English 11A
Comparative Analysis
10 January 2013

Comparative Analysis
Cars are one of the most important luxuries of today’s generation. We see car advertisements in magazines, on billboards and on television every single day. Specific ads talk about which brand of cars are bigger, stronger and better on gas mileage and also talking about which cars are stronger, smoother and more luxurious. The Toyota and the Jeep are two huge brands in automotive today. Both ads can be seen in magazines all over the world. The Toyota Tundra ad can be found in Field & Stream Magazine while the Jeep Compass can be found in Men’s Health Magazine. The Toyota Tundra ad and the Jeep Compass ad are similar in numerous ways. Each vehicle is placed appropriately on the page so they’re impossible to miss and catch the reader’s attention. They are both metaphorically described in bold lettering. Both ads have different and unique backgrounds to make the vehicles stand out. Advertising is a way to attract the public’s attention, which in this case, the Toyota Tundra ad probably wants to attract people who need a heavy duty and powerful vehicle. The Jeep Compass ad probably wants to attract free living city dwellers. For example, the Toyota Tundra ad uses a simile saying “KICKS LIKE A 12 GAUGE” meaning the truck is quick and overpowering. A large image of the truck is placed right in the center for all to see. A picture of the engine is placed on the page but at the bottom right hand side, not as large as the truck but large enough to see how nicely the engine is equipped. There are statistics showing the torque and power explaining the engine speed for better gas mileage. It shows that the Tundra is stronger yet easier to pay on gas. The truck is angled to where the reader can see that it is a “full-size” truck...

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