Comparative advantages and disadvantages of cone crusher and jaw crusher

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Fuel cell, Crusher Pages: 2 (346 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Cone Crusher is widely used range, high efficiency crusher, cone crusher according to the scope of use, crushed into coarse, medium and fine crushing three pieces on the current situation of China crushed ore concentrator plant of view, broken equipment powered by the standard type cone crusher, crushing equipment uses a short head type cone crusher, has almost finalized. However, instead of using crushing equipment cone crusher, jaw crusher is to use. For proper selection and rational use of coarse crushing did not prepare, now they are briefly analyzed and compared as follows. Cone Crusher (compared with the jaw crusher) main advantages: 1, crushing chamber depth, continuous operation, high production capacity, low power consumption unit. Compared with the same width to the mine mouth jaw crusher, the production capacity is higher than the latter more than doubled, while electricity consumption per ton of ore is 0.5-1.2 times lower than the jaw; 2, work is relatively stable, vibration lighter, smaller basis weight of the machine equipment. Cone crusher weight basis, usually 2-3 times the weight of machinery and equipment, and basic weight jaw crusher machine was 5-10 times its own weight; quarry equipment

quarry plant In building energy, transportation energy saving promising. Greenhouse gases existing 50 billion square meters of urban and rural construction, building energy emissions accounted for one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions, while the city has air-conditioning system energy consumption accounted for 50% of total energy consumption of the building. If you can start the "zero emissions" building projects in some more developed cities in the country, this market will be very large. Currently, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and other research and development work in continuing to promote our country may be the first breakthrough...
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