Company Structure

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With a managerial own model, we help to construct a world of easy access to the specialized services of movement of money, in a network of Points of Service; reaching this way to the development of the country, generating employment, wealth, social transformation and exceeding the expectations of pride and value of our collaborators and owners.

VISION of Quality
We Fulfill with the requirements of our clients in the services of Collection Payment and Drafts of Money, with: · Personal Specialist in our business and orientated to the service. · standardized Processes aligned to the strategy · ultramodern Resources aligned to the processes.

CONSTITUTION LIMITED COMPANY. In Barranquilla city, department Atlantico, Republic of Colombia, to them ___ of the month of _______ of 20 ___, they appeared, _______________________, __________________, major of age and living in the city of _____ with adress … … with conjugal in force company identified with the bond of citizenship Not. _________________, in his order, who demonstrated that by means of the present public instrument they have decided to constitute a limited company, (MULTIPERSONAL COMPANY: with foundation in the art. 22 of the Law 1014 of 2006 and 4463 of 2006), although, there are not had a few assets equal or superior to 500 SLMLM, and neither any more than 10 employees are going to contract; to this respect this legal person will be ruled by the following ones: BYLAWS. ART.1 °. They are associates of the commercial company that by this private document is constituted, Mr._________,_____,__________,________. ART.2 °. The company will be of limited responsibility and will turn under the social name ART.3 °. The domicile of the company will be the city of ______ - Huila, but it will be able to create branches, agencies or dependences in other places of the Country or of the exterior, for disposition of the general meeting of associates and in accordance with the law.

ART. 4 °. The company will has as principal object, the following activities: production, commercialization, distribution and sale of handcrafted products and of decoration. in development of the principal corporate purpose the company will be able; to take part in biddings or contests, to exchange, to sell and to buy personal property and real estate, to export and to matter, to receive in commodate establishments of trade and all kinds of personal property and inmubles goods, to sign any lawful contract and titles value, and in general to realize any secondary activity that allows the development of the principal activity. ART.5 °. The capital of the company is the addition of ____________ weight legal colombian currency ($ ______.), which is divided in -------QUANTITY OF MONEY of social interest of a nominal value of _________ ($ ______). Each one, entirely signed and paid in cash for the associates like that:

The capital: $
The capital: $
Payments : The capital: $

All the associates paid their payments in cash, because of ________ weight it coins current ($ _____) each one, for a total of ________ weight it coins current ($ _____). PAR. The responsibility of each and every of the associates this one limited up to the amount of his contributions.

ART. 6 °. The company will be able to increase his capital for new contributions of his associates or for admission of new partners or for accumulation of not low items to ___________ $ _______ taken of the usefulness that the company produces and for majority determination of the partners. Providing that there is the increase, the company will reform his bylaws.

ART. 7 °. None of his associate has his payments represented in titles, they nor are negotiable on the stock market, but if...
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