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Lei Shi
Company Research Paper (The Target Corporation)
FINA 3301
November 21, 2013

Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) is one of the top ten largest retailers in the U.S. by sales. In its most recent year in 2012, Target who has proclaimed itself as “cheap chic” produced over $70 billion in revenue through the sales of apparel, house wares, electronics and other products (Exhibit 5). At Target, corporate governance practices have been in place for more than 50 years, and continue to evolve to balance the interests of the Board, shareholders and management to maximize efforts. A majority of the 12-member Board is independent and selected based on success in their field and in relevance to their background in business and how well their skill sets adds diversity to the Board. To ensure that management’s interests are aligned with shareholders, Target has a compensation plan for senior management in the form of long-term equity awards based on Targets performance in comparison to a 15-company retail group. Target prides itself on diversity (suppliers, products, and communities), design, great customer service, affordable quality, and corporate responsibility giving back to the community. Like any retailer, Target’s long-term sales and income growth depend largely on the company’s ability to open new stores and expand into new emerging markets. As of 2012 it has approximately 1,763 U.S. stores in active operation and holds large plans to expand into the international market to compete with its main competitor, Wal-Mart. In January 2011, Target took its first steps by buying 220 Zellers stores for $2.3 billion in Canada and plans to convert 124 of these stores by 2013. On May 6 2013, “Target announced the soft opening dates for its first stores in Western Canada, including 22 locations opening on May 7 and two locations opening on May 14” (, n.p.). Target is expanding to Canada first because of it’s already large presence in the U.S. and it is a

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