Company Overview of Youngcare: Looking after Individuals with High Care Needs

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MKTG101 | Lecturer: Brenton Price|

Group One:
Adam Bui - Ava Chan - Mohammad Azhar- Michael Cao - Shaneez Azzam - Case Study:| Youngcare and the donation landscape|

Executive Summary:
Youngcare is a not for profit charitable organisation founded by David Conry on the 21st of April 2005, due to his wife Shevaune’s placement into an aged care facility at the age of 33. The organisation’s mission is ‘To provide choice in care and housing for young Australians with high care needs’. Youngcare’s core activities involve around revenue generation to fund its Youngcare homes, and at home grants for families looking after individuals with high care needs. Since its establishment Youngcare has consistently recorded strong financial performance, securing $4,950,328 in revenue and a surplus of $908,317 in financial year 2012, and as at 30 June 2012 the entity had $8,573,031 in net assets of which $7,347,635 were cash assets. The entities financial performance is driven by a clear mission, and a strong marketing strategy consisting of: * Intensive target market segmentation

* Use of social networks
* Youngcare YouTube Channel
* Celebrity endorsements
* Charitable Events
* Donation drives
* Corporate sponsorships
* Mass media articles and advertising
* Public awareness message

(The image is a Youngcare ‘public awareness activity’ conducted for a week in November 2011 in Martin Place, Sydney, consisting of three volunteers depicting the life of a young individual in an Aged Care Home, raising awareness for Youngcare’s cause.)

Introduction to Youngcare Case Study:
The not for profit organization ‘Youngcare’ aims to raise funds to provide facilities, financial support, and guidance to Young adults with high care needs, as well as their family, and friends.. Youngcare’s Challenge:

* The Demand for Youngcare homes exceeds the Supply as there are approximately 7,500 individuals living in Aged Care homes, where as Youngcare apartments (Currently only in Brisbane, and the Gold coast,) can accommodate 80. As a result Youngcare needs to expand their facilities, however requiring financial aid and manpower to achieve this. * 18 - 65year olds having serious accidents or illness’s which leave them in need of permanent care and having to reside in aged care homes where the average age is 85 as there are no alternatives. The needs of youth’s greatly differ from those of elder residents in aged care facilities, and research has shown that there is an increase of depression amongst young individuals that are forced to live in aged care. Youngcare aims to provide emotional support to these individuals, and to secure housing for these individuals so that these individuals needs can be appropriately met. * Issues being faced by young people that require full time needs are broad and can be very complex , despite families and friends doing all they can to provide all they can to fulfil the needs of the individuals in some cases it is not achievable. * The family of a young person with 24/7 care needs also endures daily struggles. The divorce rate for relationships involved with the care of a young person with full time needs is 70 %, imperative to the average rate of Divorce in Australia which is 33%. To improve the lives of these individuals, Youngcare issues at home grants providing financial assistance to families looking after an individual with high care needs, however there are approximately 700,000 Australian individuals living at home with high care needs, and in financial year 2011/12 approximately $400,000 was distributed in ‘At Home Care Grants’. Youngcare aims to increase the...

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