company law

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Company law

Alan Dignam
John Lowry



This subject guide was jointly prepared for the University of London External Programme by:
Alan Dignam, School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London and
Professor John Lowry, Faculty of Laws, University College London.

This is one of a series of subject guides published by the University. We regret that owing to pressure of work the authors are unable to enter into any correspondence relating to, or arising from, the guide.

If you have any comments on this subject guide, favourable or unfavourable, please use the form at the back of this guide.

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University of London External Programme


Chapter 1



Chapter 2

Forms of business organisation


Chapter 3

The nature of legal personality


Chapter 4

Lifting the veil of incorporation


Chapter 5

Company formation, promoters and
pre-incorporation contracts


Chapter 6

Raising capital: equity


Chapter 7

Raising capital: debentures


Chapter 8



Chapter 9

Dealing with insiders: the articles
of association and shareholders’ agreements


Chapter 10

Class rights


Chapter 11

Majority rule


Chapter 12

Statutory minority protection


Chapter 13

Dealing with outsiders: ultra vires
and other attribution issues


Chapter 14

The management of the company


Chapter 15

Directors’ duties


Chapter 16

Corporate governance


Chapter 17

Liquidating the company


University of London External Programme



University of London External Programme

Chapter 1 Introduction

Introduction 5

Company law 6


Approaching your study 7


The examination 9

This subject guide acts as a focal point for the study of company law on the external LLB. It is intended to aid your comprehension by taking you carefully through each aspect of the subject. Each chapter also provides an opportunity to digest and review what you have learned by allowing a pause to think and complete

activities. At the end of each chapter there are sample
examination questions to attempt once you have completed
and digested the further reading.
Company law requires students to develop their existing
understanding of tort, contract, equity, statutory and common law interpretation. It also provides students with new conceptual challenges such as corporate personality. This combination of development and new challenge can initially be a difficult one for the student. This initial learning period will be greatly eased if you understand the everyday context within which company law issues affect businesses. All of the major national newspapers cover company law issues in their business sections. In an ideal world the company law student would read these sections each day, either by buying a newspaper or going to the library to go through them. However, we do not live in an ideal world so a good compromise is to buy (or read in a library) the Saturday edition of the Financial Times or a national weekend newspaper which has a roundup of the business news each week. This will update the week’s business and general news developments. If you can manage to do this over the academic year it will help to put your learning into context and aid your comprehension of the subject. It may even stimulate your enjoyment of...

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