company is going to give some money either to support art or to protect environmen

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 company is going to give some money either to support art or to protect environment. Which do you think the company would choose? Use specific reasons and examplesw to support your answer.

What would you choose as a CEO of a company (chief executive officer)? Both to support art or to protect environment would be a very generous deed from the CEO. However, the single most important thing determining the action of the CEO is the long term interest of the company. If the company’s long term interest is to support the environment, then, it will do so, however, if the long term interest is to protect the environment then it will do so.  In my essay, I will underline that a profit oriented company fundamentally does everything for his single goal to increase its profit.

First of all, why does a company give donation either to art or to green peace? For example, an oil company, such as BP or Exxoil, would do well, if it tried to protect the environment. Why? Because, an oil-company with its daily activities makes tremendous environmental disasters, and in order to show up in a better light it should donate money for environmental purposes. With the donation to the environment the company tries to convince its customers that its daily tasks are environmental friendly. Even if the company or the outside world is not fully convinced about that the company follows an environmental friendly policy, at least, something is given back to the mother nature. In short, the oil company might want to maximize its profit by protecting the environment, but, fortunately, with its donation or protection, eventually it will help sustain the beauty of our mother nature.

Same can be said about a company donating art. A certain company donates art to increase its revenue and profit. It is not a charitable course of actions, it is rather a very smart movement of the company. I am giving here a similar example as I gave concerning an oil company. For instance, a design firm...
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