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Topics: Decision making, Flipism, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (1448 words) Published: September 6, 2010
Mary Jones
Shekena Smith
Jane Manasa
Jonjalena Williams
Alfred Campbell

Kimberly Ramsawak
MGT 350 3/7/2010

The Decision process varies throughout each organization; many find alternative ways to make decisions compared to many other corporations. The majority feel that rational decision making will get them far, while others are intuitive with how the company will incorporate ideas from their employees. This will be a step to be reckoned with since many companies are particular on how their business should be run. Since times are changing companies have shown how open they are towards the employees and how they incorporate their own ideas. Internal Revenue Service

 In my organization there are many different types of decisions that have many different styles of processes.  They vary for each department throughout the IRS. I will discuss the ones used the most in my department. These are scientific and the process of elimination.       In customer service we use tools on the computer to aid in our jobs.  With these tools in place they enable us to assist tax payers with their problems in a timely manner.  We must keep the tax payer on the phone until their problem is resolved.       There are currently five service centers across the country and each had their own tool in place each was different but all accomplished the same job. Congress decided there should be one universal tool for all this is the hypothesis.  They took the best of each tool and made one this is the using this tool and giving feedback is the experiment.  Seeing how the tool works is the observation.  We still have not got to the verification as the tool does not work very well.       The decision process I use the most is the process of elimination.  When a tax payer has a problem we use our manuals to resolve the issue.  The manuals are written in a chart form they say if this is happening, then you do this so we have to eliminate each possible solution until...
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