Compair and Contrast the Northern and Southern Colonies
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Compare and Contrast of the Northern and Southern Colonies The 1700s was a time when everything was new, new country, unseen land, and more resources. The colonists were still trying to discover all the new and exciting things in this new world, and still live under the king’s rule. The colonies were working hard to support England and themselves in this time; so the north and south spent most of its time figuring out ways to survive. The north and south had two very different methods of earning what they needed to survive. The northern colonist earned their money by commerce and trade. Commerce is a very logical and reasonable way to earn money, in the part of the colonies that they lived. The major ports of trade with England were in the North, due to it being a shorter distance to travel by waterways. But the north wasn’t just known for their ports, they also had many businesses that made the merchants the most powerful group in the north, by the mid 1700s. In addition to ports, and businesses the north had fertile group good for growing a multitude of crops during a certain part of the year. The northern farmers knew how and when to produce wheat, corn, cattle, and hogs.
The southern colonist didn’t have as many options as the northern colonist had to earn a living. The entire south mostly owned plantations and grew major cash crops. In the upper half of the southern region mostly tobacco was grown but in the lower regions rice, and indigo was grown. With the farmers only growing one crop, and not using it for personal use, they had plenty to sell to the north that would then sell and ship it across to England. With all of their selling’s having to do with one crop and having to take care of a lot of land, the south turned to slavery as a way to harvest all of the crops. Slavery was very high in the south and a lot of that had to do with the fact that they were free labor, but also there were not many people in the south to harvest the crops. The south

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