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Development Campaign Project
Think Green Campaign
Submitted To:
Mam Shameem
Submitted BY
Sapna Mumtaz
Collage Roll Number 575
University Roll Number 1368
Mass Communication


About us
Mission Statement
Aims and objectives
Causes and effects
Areas of focus
Targeted time duration
Work plan division
Campaign Ambassador
Techniques for campaign
Media used for campaign
Message distributed through media
Desired Outcomes
Pilot study
Future Plans

Think Green Campaign

About Us
Our society is determined to maintain balance in the society and for that purpose we are taking different initiatives and steps. We believe and study the causes of destruction in environment at different levels and to remove all these issues and problems we belief in team work. “Think Green Campaign” is also designed by our society to make people aware from the basic environment building teachings and build a sense of prosperity and peace in the society. Introduction

Think Green is a practical, emotional, and thoughtful guide to healing ourselves and the earth. An often quoted phrase these days is, “Be the change you want to see in the world.I first started to “Think Green” at a young age. I was a recycling crusader at my parents’ house, a water conservationist throughout middle school, and when I first learned about overpopulation in high school I was fond of telling people, “Oh, I don’t plan on having children, you know, for the planet.” While in graduate school studying Environmental Education, I took my thinking to a whole new level. The answer to the question “What is Think Green?” essentially involves a complete lifestyle change.My approach to changing the world towards sustainability is like my teaching process, through hands, heart, and head. We’ve been paying attention to our heads for so long we’ve forgotten the rest of our bodies, and the planet on which we live; it’s time to change the world and not just with our minds but with our whole selves. That’s why in Think Green you’ll find practical ways to make changes, inspiring stories from people who are already making those changes, and intriguing information to push your thinking ever further. The time starts NOW to save our planet! If we do not do something fast we will lose our beaches, rain forest, animals, and many other important features on our planet. Mission Statement

The basic mission of this campaign is to indulge the basic environment building technique in our society to make it complete Islamic society where everyone lives with prosperity and also to teach all the Muslims that how they can make their social life better by following simple environment building techniques. Aims and Objectives

To kill environmental diseases
To reduce poverty
To create harmony between people
To reduce environment destruction
To teach the kids,the methods to keep clean home
To introduce a thought that everybody is equal in Islam To make people affectionate towards environmental teachings and practices To make the society a mirror image of Islamic teachings Introduce environment savers as super heroes and real heroes to the kids To reduce class differences

Causes and Effects
The main causes which provoke us to take action are the discussed below: Laws are not properly implemented in society
People are divided in groups on the basis of class, financial positions, cast, color and language People became greedy for money, power and status
Most of the people do not clean up their home.Most of the diseases start spreading from homes Do not turn of their home appliances after work
Over and excessive use of electricity
Following are the defined and visible effects which...
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