Comp Stat Model

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CompStat Model

In this paper will attempt to analyze the CompStat Model and explain the five-stage process that makes up CompStat. I will also explain its effect on crime with facts that back it up.
CompStat, or computer-driven crime statistics, emerged as the centerpiece of the New York Police Department Crime Control Model during the mid-1990s (White, p. 112, 2007). During this time New York was having a major crime wave mostly because of crack cocaine. When new mayor Rudolph Giuliani took office, he and his Commissioner William Bratton adopted a Zero Tolerance approach to fighting crime. This approach attacked quality of life issues such as prostitution, drugs and other issues that were affecting the high crime areas. CompStat worked off of Five-stage process.

The first stage is Specific objectives. In this stage it identifies the objectives and communication of those objectives to the rest of the department (White, 2007). This specifies the serious issues to the leadership and they intern pass these objectives to the officers on the street. Such example issues are reducing guns on the street, drug dealers and youth violence. Our reading states that a department should pick out at least five major issues to focus on.

The second critical stage of CompStat is the accurate and timely intelligence. The most important step of this process is the data system in which the police officers record accurate data in a timely fashion, which can then be analyzed in nearly real time (White, p. 113, 2007). The second important part of this stage is the geographic crime analysis. This is a pin map or pictures of problem areas across the patrol area. These areas or hot spots are the areas that are high in crime generated by the computer and the compiling of police input. The key term in this is accurate if the officer does not record a crime correctly it will not be a good reflection in the computer.

Effective Tactics is the third stage of CompStat. In this stage...
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