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Topics: Central Asia, Aztec, Mongol Empire Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: April 23, 2012
COMP Essay
Although the rise of the Aztec and Mongol empires did not occur in the same time period or in the same region, they are still similar. The biggest similarities are that they both lived almost entirely off of tribute and relied heavily on their armies. However, these similarities also came with differences, like the fact that their armies used different strategies/weapons. Some other differences were that the Aztecs migrated to Mexico, whereas the Mongols were just unified where they already resided. Also, the Aztecs infused religious meaning with war, unlike the Mongols, whose religion was carefully observed. These similarities and differences were what made the Aztecs and Mongols who they were.

Both the rise of the Aztec empire and the Mongol empire was supported by tribute. In the Aztec empire, the tribute system was mostly supplied by sacrificial victims, but the Aztec capital’s food, cotton cloth, military equipment, and luxury goods were also used. It was mostly the same for the Mongols as well, except they relied more on the tribute being supplied by livestock, weapons, silk, and cash instead of human sacrifices. However, as time wore on, the Mongol’s realized that the scale and success of their conquests necessitated governing more than tribute. The conquests of the Aztec empire, however, gave a different conclusion. They found that the tribute system was supporting their growing population even more when they conquered new peoples. So, the result of conquest, by means of tribute, was actually opposite.

Another similarity in the rise of these two empires is their military. The Mongol army played a much bigger part in their empire than the Aztec army, but both still helped the empires to rise to their full potential. The Mongol army used cannons and gunpowder after the empire had been unified by Ternujin. After unification, the army turned its attention to conquering other parts of central Asia, northern China, Persia, and...
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