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Are Soldiers Paid Enough For the Sacrifices They Make?
Bernard A. Downing
Mr. Horne

The discussion surrounding the debate as to rather or not soldiers are under paid for their sacrifices and services has been a debate that has seemed to linger for some time now. The everyday sacrifice that a soldier has to make seems to go unnoticed when compared to the compensation received by professional athletes for their time away. We live in a country whereas the same people who fight for your everyday rights to freedom are being underpaid and under appreciate by society as a whole because of social standards and what we Americans deem an appropriate career for compensation. Throughout the ranks of the military personnel are paid differently based on many different things, one being marital status. Professional athletes make on average $5 million per year. The average salary for our country’s military personnel: $50,000 (Veterans Overshadowed: Athletes high pay unfair, 2012 ).There are some military personnel who still need government assistance because of the low pay, a fact that many try to cover up in a discussion about pay for our military. Professional sports players are paid based on performance and position. The different metrics of the pay scale between soldiers and professional sports players changes the way most perspectives is about their angle towards the debate. Marines further differ from professional athletes in that they are required to perform at the same high level for a 20-plus-year career without the luxury of “peaking” for a competition. A Marine’s combat performance and survivability depends on his physical fitness/durability and is indiscriminate of age and time in service(Knowles, 2010). The highest ranking military personnel salary is paid less than the lowest paid professional sports player in any league. The highest ranking military personnel in which would be a four star general makes approximately $156,000 dollars a year, according to the 2014 military pay chart, whilst a professional sports player who is considered a bench warmer due to lack of performance makes 2.8 million dollars a year according to the Free Money Finance (2006). The adequate amount of difference in pay is rather high when in comparison with each other. When you consider the facts as to why a soldier is paid the amount of salary he receives a year versus professional sports personnel who is paid to perform their duties the scale is unbalanced by far. Throughout a soldier’s career he or she spends twenty percent of his time with his family while the other eighty percent is either going on hazardous deployments or to handle military business to develop within his or her career .Deployed soldiers in Afghanistan could earn as little as $3,000 per month, compared to an athlete’s $500,000 ((Veterans Overshadowed: Athletes high pay unfair, 2012). Soldier time away from family while on deployments consist of being in hazardous areas where a soldier could possible lose their life in combat or also die due to third world illnesses; if not their life they stand the chance of losing a limb. The chances of a soldier being injured during daily performances such as being at work are rather high. Soldier daily responsibility consist of exercising, the lifting of heavy material and also to include various other extraneous activities that may cause injury or bodily harm. An intervention exercises reduced lost time due to injuries by 62 percent and the number of injuries by 42 percent over a 12-month period. There are other times where soldier are on temporary duty in another state for classes related to their profession within the ranks where they have to be away from family. The soldiers are provided with comfortable living in most cases in government approved hotel where they are provided with meals and boarding. These soldiers are well taken care of for the most part but time spent away from families sometimes...

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