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Topics: United States, Japan, The Culture Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: April 3, 2014

Understanding global business cultures
Juan Morales
ITT Technical Institute
December 30, 2013
Understanding global business cultures
Red bull is well known through out the United States, as a energy drink that almost everyone has had. In terms of expansion the country the country that I selected for potential expansion would be in japan. Because most trends form United States either come from japan, or japan likes to takes the trends from the United States. We would like to target the core markets of the other side of the world to be better known, and create a name again for red bull out here. Japans culture has changed over time over hundreds of years. There official language is Japanese their known as a hybrid culture. Japan has a population of 130,000,000 japans religion usually ahs been syncretic combining elements from Buddhism and Shinto. But throughout hundreds of years the generations of today are more into what the united states do weather its about the sports, music, art, this country differs from the united states in ways that its completed different in terms of the language the religion. The culture of japan is still used to this day weather it comes from the ideal ways of how they communicate with others. Americans speak straightforwardly and openly about the issue, as in terms of the Japanese ways of communicating are to get the message across artfully speaking indirectly and hinting about the issue. Japans ways are completely different from the United States because of how both countries where raised in different places with different people. The culture differs in ways of there emotions and humor so the more we know about the culture of where we want to place our business the more of a chance we can prosper. Another big factor is cultural awareness once you can learn to appreciate what the country does and how they differ from the United States, and others than that’s when we can...

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