Community Service

Topics: Fear, Faith-based, Panic Pages: 3 (1211 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Jonathan Scott
Professor Anna Whitehall
Human Development 205
3 April 2012
Reflection Essay

Transforming Complaints to Commitments

We all have complaints on a day-to-day basis. Some complaints we have are cut, dry, and easily fixed while others may be powerful, deep, and more difficult to fix. However, when a complaint has become overwhelming or has began to create a large burden on you it’s time to identify the issue and take a safe and modest communication-based risk.

This is what I have done regarding my complaint of not having any faith-based organization to be a part of. You see faith hasn’t been a simple matter with me. I come from a family that strongly believes in Christ. Their belief, along with my own desire, led me to a Christian junior and senior high school. A school were faith was a part of everything, touching over our entire curriculum. However, times do change and a change of scenery is imminent. Both of these facts became more clear and gain much more depth upon entering college here at Washington State University, a non-faith-based organization.

When I got here to Pullman everything was new and I didn’t know what to do. Everything that I had known was gone and as person who is shy, until I’m comfortable with my environment, it was hard getting out there and meeting people. After some personal reflection, however, I discovered that this natural reaction and habit stemmed from fear. I feared being rejected from other people. I feared being condemned for my background. I feared doubting my beliefs. I feared failing and coming up short. These fears are/were just roadblocks. Unfortunately, the roadblocks that faced me when I first got here, and prevented me from reaching my potential, were the same roadblocks I faced in dealing with my complaint of not being involved in a faith-based organization. I made big assumptions about the results that would be produced if I were to get active in a faith-based organization. I assumed that if I...
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