Community Service

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Community service is important because it provides us with services for the needy, and it provides us with new ideas for a better education. Community service is giving back to those that have given so much to us. When you work with others you accomplish more. Our community provides us with so many things, and when the citizens are involved in community service, we're giving back to the community to show our appreciation.

Community service shows not only that you want to improve the situation of people in the world, the environment or animals, but also that you are taking the time to explore your career options. Community service shows that you are a well-rounded student, one that takes their head out of the books long enough to really take a hard look at the world around them. They are more aware of what is going on in the world and how to make a difference in it.

Community service develops leadership and teamwork skills, both of which are vital in the world of work. When you get a job, you will need to know how to not only handle your own work independently, but also to collaborate constructively on a team by providing thoughtful solutions to problems and to even lead the team when necessary. Community service provides you with a chance to develop and practice these skills

As a Nurse I plan to give back to my community by being able to work with the American Red Cross. I want to actively assist with community-based programs that focus on health promotion or disease prevention such as health fairs, screening activities, and health education programs. I want to be an active volunteer at the Caldwell County Free Clinic. I would also like to help develop a Mobile Doctor’s Clinic that could go out into the community to see patients that were unable to get to a doctors office but not sick enough to go to the emergency room. Catharina Kelley...
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