Community Service

Topics: Prison, Economics, Community Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: June 1, 2008
The Possible Positive Effects of Community Service
As I walk to school, I see another wall with graffiti, trash on the streets, and a woman walking around with no sense about her. While Riverside County has some nice areas, there are also unkempt neighborhoods. I believe in Eggers points in Serve or Fail, about some of the possible positive effects of community service. Although he states many views about students stepping up and helping the community, I agree with three possible positive effects. One possible positive effect is community service could help the economy. Every day our community is vandalized by inconsiderate people. Whether it is tagging or littering, someone is being paid to clean this mess up. Students from UCR, for example, are going into neighborhoods and cleaning up. This is at no cost also, so now our economy is able to use the money in other areas such as helping schools and helping the mental health. Another example of students helping our economy is by volunteering even five hours of their time a day to kids that are in elementary school; this will increase opportunities for youth to learn about sports, shopping, and guidance. This type of reaching out to our youths will prevent the outcome of kids going to jail and living in the system, which will help the economy’s overcrowded jail system. These are just two examples of how community service will help our economy.

Another possible positive effect is the good people can do for others which will turn around and be beneficial to them. There are plenty of people in the world who do not take much time in helping others. This eventually will leave the world a selfish place. I know from experience at the age of fourteen; my grandmother Dorothy worked at Life Care Center of Corona, a convalescent home for the elderly. I volunteered two hours a day serving ice cream. This brought joy to the hearts of people who sometimes feel forgotten. I am a student, maybe not at a...
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