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The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides significant help to those in need. The organization is a branch of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The organization’s initial goals were to provide humanitarian efforts and other relief during trying times. For example, many felt that the group was formed in response to the destruction caused by the American Civil War. Founder and the group’s first President, Clara Barton, believed that America should be prepared for future catastrophes, but there was widespread doubt that the nation would ever again experience anything as disastrous as the Civil War. Nonetheless, the organization was formed on the idea that it could also help out in crises other than war. The group was founded on May 21, 1881 and has contributed to the safe and healthy growth of our nation ever since. Today, the American Red Cross is involved in efforts that provide a variety of services in a number of areas.

The American Red Cross is led by a Board of Governors that has all the power of the direction the program is heading. The Board of Governors reviews official Red Cross documents every so often in order to continually be a successful organization. These documents consist of things like the Congressional Charter, Amended and Restated Bylaws of the American National Red Cross, American Red Cross Mission Statement, Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, and the Geneva Conventions & International Humanitarian Law. During a meeting that is held every year by the American Red Cross, members of the board are selected by recommendation through the full board and with a final agreement by delegates of the chapters and blood services regions. Leadership is something that is obviously a huge issue when you have an organization of Red Cross’s magnitude. There are three leadership positions ran by two different people in the American Red Cross program. The Chairman position, which leads the Board of governors and has oversight of the organization, is held by a woman named Bonnie McElveen-Hunter. The other person who runs this great organization has two positions with her name and she is Gail J. McGovern. She is named the President and CEO of the American Red Cross program. Gail McGovern executes Red Cross strategies and leads the operations and business activities of the Red Cross.

One area that is aided by the Red Cross is community service. In other words, the group provides certain forms of aid to the needy. For instance, the Red Cross is known for taking donations of non-perishable food items and delivering them to homeless shelters in surrounding communities. The organization has also been known to open up soup kitchens in certain cities and towns and serve food to those in need. Both of these actions aim to provide nourishment and prevent starvation for the less fortunate population in society. The American Red Cross provides homeless shelters too. This is obviously done to provide the needy with shelter from environmental elements. It is also done to help prevent sickness from spreading due to prolonged exposure to the previously stated elements. The group also helps provide communication services for military members and their families. The probable motive behind this is to help maintain a balanced state of mental health and to prevent soldiers from growing depressed. Transportation to medical appointments is also a community service provided by the humanitarian organization. There are an expansive number of community services that the group provides, and the list seems to be ongoing. In fact, Red Cross chapter Community Services provided almost 22 million services to individuals last year. Another area of service that the Red Cross prides itself in is blood donation.

The American Red Cross supplies roughly 44 percent of the blood donated in the United States. It supplies...

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