Community Psychology

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The essay describes the designed programme to combat the identified social problem of girl children’s organized marriages in Winterveld community found in the north of Pretoria. Children are forced or convinced to believe in marriages with elderly man in their community who seemed to have power or money these include foreign nationals who own small businesses. Some of the marriages are also organized based on religious reasons believed by parents involved. Parents do these for various reasons which at most involve money to secure themselves, and have nothing do with the best interests of the girl child. Most of these girls fail to continue with schooling due to change in their roles. In this essay the student will show how she going to incorporate the key principles of community psychology in designing her programme which are prevention, empowerment and participation.

Dalton, Elias and Wandersman (2001) had two notion of community which are locality and relational. Locality refers to defining the community according to its geographical structure, while relational refers to when the interpersonal relation and sense of community are not limited by geography. According to Ngonyana Ka Sigogo and Modipa (2004) as cited in Fitchet (2009) community refer to the political histories and beliefs in a given socio-political context, in South Africa, community may come to operate as a code for race and ideas of racial differences including the idea of ‘us’ versus ‘them’. The programme is designed as follows: The student will need to establish the causes of the problem. This will be done by interacting with different systems of the community. Naidoo (2000) reiterated that when behavior is seen from a system’s perspective, intervention can be generated at many levels: individuals, family, group, institution and community. Naidoo encourages the application of ecological approach which recognizes the importance of the historical, environmental and...
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