Community Problem Solving

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Violence against women Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: May 10, 2012
Community Problem-Solving

Community Problem-Solving
One specific problem that is ongoing in my community is the recurrence of domestic violence. There are many women that have tried to receive help through certain programs just to find them re-entering into the same situation they are trying hard to get out of. There are a lot of programs offered to help but are just educational and they have no real world applications when really dealing with their specific situations or daily life. Knowledge is very good but in most instances a person needs more in order to get out of a crisis situation.

When researching the issues that are happening here in the city of Hillsboro. I have come to the conclusion that domestic violence is a major issue. With that being said I have spoken with an organization that is called Active Empowerment. This organization is taking domestic violence and the knowledge of it to a completely different level. Especially when it comes to dealing and helping women in continued domestic violence situations. Active Empowerment is working with homeless shelters and battered women shelters to help stop the cycle and recurrence of domestic violence in a way that has never been done before. This level of help is the teaching of a new age unarmed self-defense course. Their general class program only lasts for 3 hours but it is life changing and has had great results in the organizations that they have taught at. They combine “knowledge with real movements and possible scenarios to show you real world applications in which you can use the moves” (Courts, 4/10/2012).

This program starts with “Enlightening a woman on what they are really capable of” (Courts, 4/10/2012). Anyone can tell a woman that she is strong but the right program can prove to a woman that she is truly strong and she will believe it. Showing a woman’s “true and absolute inner strength beyond being battered and broke down” is what sets them aside from other...
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