Community Management of Toyota Owner Club

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Community Management of Toyota Owner Club

Internship Report
Submitted as Partial Requirement for Subject Industrial Training (MR4001) in PT Toyota-Astra Motor (Jalan Yos Sudarso – Sunter II Jakarta 14330)

agung setiabudi 13409145


Internship Report
Community Management of Toyota Owner Club

Legalization Sheet

Author___________________________Date______/_______/_____ Agung Setiabudi

Homeroom Lecturer________________Date______/_______/_____ Ir. Aso Kusuma, M.Eng

Guidance Lecturer___________________Date______/______/______ Dr. Ir. T.M.A Ari Samadhi

Examiner I ________________________Date______/_______/_____

Examiner II ________________________Date_____/________/_____

Final Year Project Guidance Lecturer Candidate




Thank Allah swt. the most kind and merciful, that His blessing gave me the opportunity to conduct this internship and finish this internship report. The industrial training through internship was conducted in PT Toyota-Astra Motor for one month and this report was one of this intern responsibilities to the company and the campus itself. This report was a summary of my internship’s research and routine activity which was observed while conducting my internship. I want to take this opportunity to thank for everybody who helped me do this internship program directly or indirectly, they are : 1. My family who are always encouraging, supporting and helping me do my best for my internship 2. Mr. Aso Kusuma, my home room lecturer who always gives me useful advice 3. Mr. Enjang Dana Resi, Section Head of Event, Community, and E-marketing Section in my intership company, PT Toyota-Astra Motor, for every inspiring and insightful words of wisdom, guidance, leadership and supervision for the past period. 4. Mr. Hendra Syahputra, e-marketing and community officer who helped me present my internship in PT Toyota-Astra Motor 5. Ms. Evelyne, Departement Head of Marketing Communication and all colleagues in Marketing Communication Departement for all the help and guidance. Also Ms. Laily Nuraida of TAM community management section and Mr. Erik Jaya Tirta of Auto2000 who accompanied and helped my observation. 6. Mr. T.M.A. Ari Samadhi, Mr. Tota Simatupang, Mr. Adi Saptari, my lecturer who gave me support and useful advice throughout the internship process 7. All my friends in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management major who gave me advice, help, and support. Also for everybody who helped me conduct and finish this internship report. Because the various parts of the report reflects the intern’s shortcomings, successes, observations and comments, it would be imperative that the recommendations are also given. Therefore the report gives a number of comments and recommendations on the internship program. It is hoped that this report would useful for company and university to the improvement of knowledge and also gives useful insight for all. Thank you.


Agung Setiabudi - 13409145
Engineering Management ITB

Table of Content
Legalization Sheet3
Table of Content5
List of Figures6
List of Graph7
List of Table7
Chapter I8
1.2Problem Formulation9
1.3Research Objectives9
1.4Research scope10
1.5Internship Objectives10
1.6Benefit of Internship Process10
1.7Internship Metodology10
1.8Research report framework11
Chapter II12
2.1Working Schedule Realization12
2.2Working Scope14
2.3Company Profile14
2.4Brief History15
2.5Vision and Mission of Organization15
2.6Organization Structure17
2.7Main Company Profile18
Chapter III20
3.2Communitization of the Community20

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