Community Health Nursing

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Kean University
Course Name:Professional Nursing Practice: Health Promotion In The Community

Course NumberNURS 3200

Semester Hours5 (3 Lecture, 2 hours 40 min/wk; 2 Clinical, 5 hours 20 min/wk)

Course Meeting Days/Times/Locations:

Lecture: ALL SECTIONS: Friday 9:30-12:15 PMS-122

Clinical: A1: Wed. 8:00-1:20 PMS 126
A2: Wed. 8:00-1:20 PM S 126
A3: Wed. 8:00-1:20 PM S 122
A4: Wed. 2:00-7:20PMS 126
A5: Wed. 8:00-1:20 PMS 122

Course Description: Continued study of nursing models and application of relevant theories to guide nursing practice as it pertains to health promotion and risk reduction. Using the family as the essential unit of care across all environments within the community, critical thinking and clinical decision-making processes will facilitate the design, management, and provision of care to modify risk factors. It promotes engagement of healthy lifestyles among individuals and families within the community. Specific clinical activities are related to prevention and reduction of health disparities across the life span through the conduct of community assessment and the development and implementation of culturally appropriate nursing strategies reflecting professional values and behaviors.

Prerequisites or Co-requisite:NURS 3000, NURS 3020, SOC 2100

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of the course, the student will be able to:

A.Describe the current focus of state, national and global health objectives. B.Define health promotion and population-focused nursing practice. C.Utilize principles of public health core functions and health education to formulate population focused health promotion interventions that address the goals of state, national and international objectives (outcomes). D.Function as patient/family advocate by designing, coordinating and managing the provision of nursing care focusing on health promotion and risk reduction in and across all environments. E.Demonstrate knowledge and sensitivity in the care of diverse populations in regard to age, gender, culture, race, religion, socioeconomic status and lifestyle preference. F.Facilitate active family participation in health assessment and the promotion of health lifestyles and health care decisions. G.Conduct comprehensive community assessment to determine family health risks/strengths.

H.Demonstrate effective use of information-based technology in planning health care promotion with families in the community. I.Design and implement an appropriate curriculum for health promotion of families in the community. Program Assessment Plans are located at the following link and can be accessed by clicking on the link in the first column for each program.

Instructional Methods

This course is taught using a variety of instructional approaches including: lecture, class discussions, clinical seminars, teaching/learning projects, and family-community assessments.

Course Content
A.Overview of Community Health Nursing
1. Conceptual and Theoretical Nursing
BFoundation of Health Promotion
1. Health as an Evolving Concept
a. Definitions of health (individual, family, community)
b. Models of health behavior motivation
2. Assessment for Health Promotion
Individual, Family, Community (The Windshield Assessment) C.Concepts in Health Promotion
1. Family Nursing
a. Definitions and Concepts
b. Family health
c. Approaches to Family Nursing
d. Theoretical frameworks
e. Family Nursing Process
2. Family Health Risk
a. Concepts
b. Health Risks
c. Health Risk reduction
d. Family health risk appraisal
D.Healthy Risk across the lifespan
1. Healthy People 2010 and 2020
2. Healthy People NJ 2010 and 2020
E.Healthy People Objectives
1. Vulnerable Populations
2. Cultural Influences
3. Epidemiologic...
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