Community Health Issue: Drowning

Topics: Drowning, Swimming pool, Pool fence Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: January 5, 2011
Community Health Issue: Drowning
Glenda Bruckner
Dimensions of Community Nursing Practice/NUR 471PN
December 22, 2010

Community Health Issue: Drowning
Drowning is the main cause of death in Arizona in kids below four years of age, (Arizona Department of Health Services, 2010). Because of the warm weather throughout the year, water safety is a high priority for Phoenix residents all year long. Water safety is not just important around swimming pools. Phoenix residents need to be aware of other dangers lurking in and around the home. Bath tubs, commodes, gold fish ponds, and even a bucket full of water can pose a problem. According to Eastwood (2010), “It only takes two inches of water and a couple of minutes for a small child to drown,” (Pool Safety, para. 6) Outdoor water recreation is a popular sporting event throughout the community. Nearby lakes provide an excellent way to cool off during the sultry summer days. Eastwood (2010) explains, “Carelessness while participating in water sports, including boating, tubing, and piloting personal watercraft, contributes to many drowning deaths in Arizona,” (Pool Safety, para. 7). Community awareness of water safety is imperative; otherwise, the number of drowning deaths will continue to escalate. Lack of supervision of children around water is a major factor in the accelerating number of drowning deaths. Statistics show that the majority of children who have drowned in a residential swimming pool were supervised by at least one adult. In most cases, the adult only took their eyes off the child for five minutes or less, (Eastwood, 2010). Constant supervision should always be exercised. Owners of swimming pools in this community need education about adhering to state and local laws. The state of Arizona mandates that all pools be properly barricaded. All gates must have self-closing latches and remained locked. Exterior doors that lead to the swimming pool must also have self-closing hinges...
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