Community Health For A Healthy Life

Topics: Public health, Medicine, Hygiene Pages: 9 (281 words) Published: March 3, 2015
Community Health for a
Healthy Life
-Jericha Maresh G. Albon-Danielle Still C. Tinambacan-

• is defined as the art and
science of maintaining
,protecting and improving the
health of all the members of
the community through
organized and susained
community efforts.

To ensure that the programs on
community health are
implemented,both government and the
people should:
health services and health
2.Clean-up drives are initiated.
3.Pest control is set up.
4.Sewerage systems are monitored.

5.Sanitation and hygiene are prioritized.
6.Animals are given anti-rabies shots.
People in a community live a healthy
lifestyle that veers from any
disease.Community health is healthy living

Charactistics of a Healthy
A healthy community can be judge
according to the norms below.It is
archieved through a concerted effort of a
• A clean and safe physical environment.
• An environment that meets everyone's
basic needs
• An environment that promotes social
harmony and actively involves everyone

• An understanding of local hezlth and
environment issues
• A community whose members have acces
to varied experiences,means of interaction
and communication
• Accessible and appropriate health

Services and Facilities
• The promotion and celebration of historical
and cultural heritage.
• A diverse and innovative economy
• A sustainable use of available resources
for all

Community Health Services
The health services of the community
have ,as main objectives,the reduction of
risk of ill-health,and the promotion of wellbeing in community.They consider current facilities,priorities, and needs of the people
and include:
• Medical and other health services
• Control and prevention of infectious

Adequate food supply
Water and sanitation
Waste management
Injury prevention
Health promotion and education
The maintenance of a ghealthy

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