Community Health Advocacy

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Community Health Advocacy Project - Part two
Tonya Krell
June 28, 2014
Community Health Advocacy Project - Part two
The aspects of community and aggregate are closely connected and people tend to use the terms interchangeably. The best way to explain the difference between the two concepts is by examples to differentiate and get a clearer understanding of the difference between the two concepts. This paper will define aggregate and community giving a brief support from current literature. The paper will also examine and give the differences between the two terms plus describe and identify the chosen aggregate based on the health issue of heart disease. The Christoffel’s three stages of a conceptual framework for advocacy will be described. Then each stage as an aggregate selected is described.

Community and Aggregate Terms Defines
In community health care nursing, aggregate is defined as the whole population, which is being used to describe a given environment. The term aggregate is used to refer or define a group of people in a society who are believed to have similar or common problems and challenges in their life. These people should share similar characteristics and also they should be living in the same area. The group which is to be described should be suffering from the same medical or health care problem and should be in search of similar medication or health care services. Aggregate in nursing setting literally is defined as the entire, whole, or the sum of a given group with similar problems, (Nies & McEwen, 2010).

Differences Between Aggregate and Community
There are those people who use the term community when referring to aggregate. Aggregate and community are two different concepts but are closely connected. Community in nursing health care setting is used to refer to the general population in a given area. A community is the entire population that includes the sick and healthy population. When discussing about the aggregate, we refer to the population, which is experiencing a health condition along with those who are responsible of taking care of the group that are sick. The entire population that comprise of healthy and sick in the society is referred to as the community, (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2009).

Identified Aggregate and Description as a health Issue
There are those people who use the term community and the term aggregate to refer to the same thing or to mean something the same. There stand significant differences between the term community and the term aggregate. When we talk of aggregate, we are referring to a population, which has similar medical problems or challenges and live in the same region or geographical area. For the community, it’s the general population that involves the sick and those who are not sick. In this case, Adults suffering from heart disease in Illinois is an aggregate population that is used to define the current health care challenges. In the state of Illinois, specifically the Sangamon county community, evidence shows that heart disease is the number one reason for death of adults in the entire state of Illinois and in Sangamon county (Illinois Department of Public Health [IDPH], 2010).

Christoffel’s Three Stages of a Conceptual Framework for Advocacy Christoffel’s three stages for advocacy include information, strategy, and action. The stages take place concurrently. The first stage, information, includes naming, describing, and measuring the public health problem. The second stage, strategy, involves using the information in the first stage to develop a plan of action for the promotion of public health. The stage includes. This stage involves the communication of information to the public and health care professionals. Groups can then be assembled to focus on the issue and plan needed changes. Strategies can include public education messages, campaigns, and press conferences. This action may involve fund raising, persuading...

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