Community Development

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The Unemployment (or joblessness) occurs when people are without work and actively seeking work.The unemployment rate is a measure of the prevalence of unemployment and it is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of unemployed individuals by all individuals currently in the labor force. During periods ofrecession, an economy usually experiences a relatively high unemployment rate.

A skill is the learned capacity to carry out pre-determined results often with the minimum outlay of time, energy, or both. In other words the abilities that one possesses. Skills can often be divided into domain-general and domain-specific skills. There are kinds of skills as follow:

a. The Life skills are problem solving behaviors used appropriately and responsibly in the management of personal affairs. They are a set of human skills acquired via teaching or direct experience that are used to handle problems and questions commonly encountered in daily human life. The subject varies greatly depending on societal norms and community expectations.

b. The Social skill is any skill facilitating interaction and communication with others. Social rules and relations are created, communicated, and changed in verbal and nonverbal ways. The process of learning such skills is called socialization. Soft skills is a sociological term relating to a person's "EQ" (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people. Soft skills complement hard skills (part of a person's IQ), which are the occupational requirements of a job and many other activities.

c. The Soft skills are personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, job performance and career prospects. Unlike hard skills, which are about a person's skill set and ability to perform a certain type of task or activity, soft skills relate to a person's ability to interact effectively with coworkers and customers and are broadly applicable both in and outside the workplace.

Communities adopted by the Social Work Department of Philippine Christian University (PCU) as Social Work Laboratory (SWL) is located at Barangay 890 and 891 in Sta. Ana Manila with about 280 and 213 families respectively. It has been established last July 2011. The communities covered the streets of Old Panaderos, New Panaderos and Lamayan Extension.

In the Langisan, you would meet different families living and working there. You would noticed how peaceful the place is. There is no brawl or fighting. All of them knew each other already because of living there for a long time. They tell stories and help one another. They know how to interact with each other and share if someone is in need. You will learn a lot from their stories about their life.

In each home, the mother is the one to take care of the household chores while the father works. You would see the determination of the fathers to work to bring money for their needs. They know how to interact with their boss and workmates. The customers are happy with their performance and attitude resulting to more deliveries. They have good camaraderie between the drivers and porters making it easier to work with each other. Because most of the mothers stay only at home, they are the ones you can easily approach when you are in the community. You will enjoy their company with their interesting and insightful stories. They know how to approach people and they are very hospitable. They tend to the household chores and...
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