Community Cultural Wealth

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According to the article Community Cultural Wealth by Dr. Taray-Yosso cultural wealth is defined as an areal of knowledge, skills, abilities and contacts possessed and utilized by communities of color to survive and resist operations. Although cultural wealth deals with the many skills aspects of economic growth, both of which are crucial to the attainment of higher education nonetheless cultural wealth can be categorized into three defiant groups known as cultural ties, cultural capital and cultural wealth. The success of a college education is dependent upon my factors most of which are concepts of family, aspirational, social and resistant capitals.

The reason my family capital will keep me motivated and determined is because the way my mom and family pushed me in school to get my college degree. I have three younger siblings that keep me determined to doing my work and staying in school. My mother is a hard working mother. She would do anything for one of her kids as long as they are getting their education. My mother always took care of me since day one. She’s been my rock! I never had a male role model figure in my life to show me how its done or to show me how to grow into a mature young man. It was always my mother who stuck by my side and never gave up on me when I misbehaved. I always think to myself, how did she do it? Growing up as the second oldest it was me who took care of my younger siblings while my mother was at work and sister away in college. I always took on a lot of responsibility when it came to taking care of my siblings such as feeding them, dressing them and bathing them for school in the morning. My mom always instilled two things in my head as I was growing up, first was to be strong hearted and secondly independent so that I can become successful in life and accomplish each and every goal that I set for myself. Without family capital, I would not have the great support system to help me stay focused throughout my educational

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