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Topics: Barack Obama, United States, 2008 Democratic National Convention Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: May 3, 2015
Nicholas Nguyen
English 100 Jackson Yan

Dear President Barack Obama,
I am here to open my opinions to your two-year college plan allowing it to be free with a minimum GPA of a 2.5. It is a wonderful proposal, that you’re very best interested to uphold our education for the public. I am glad that you announced Community College free for two years if the U.S citizens are willing to work towards that goals. I like the idea of willing to strive and work hard for our goals, just like the American Dream. Hearing this has brought up many teachers and students attentions, narrowing the spotlight to middle and low income class students that cannot fully support themselves for their education or having any guidance to what they want to pursue in their career. Putting aside community colleges free for two years, have you thought about reforming the education policy and budget? Mrs. President Obama, you have been somewhat obscure about you community college speech and plans what are you really going to bring to the table for us citizens. I would want to know hypothetically speaking, if the bill did pass and Community College was free for two years, the general population of the U.S would want to send their kids to community college because it is for free. This would create a big problem over flooding the community college systems and creating a dramatic effect on the U.C systems. This could potentially worry me as a disabled hearing student. There won’t be enough support for people like me that has needs in able to succeed in life. Our country is not the top five highest education in the world anymore Mrs. Barack Obama like it once was. Due to the lack of funding for education is not being well funded or not being funded enough, cutting off education accessibility today, it will definitely become an economic viability for tomorrow or the next decades. As I was roaming around the web I found this called Washington times, I have read that we only spend 2% on...
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