Community College- Free or Not Free?

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Joelle Baker
October 2nd 2010
Cassandra Shellhorn

Community College- Free or Not Free?
Life is full of obstacles which starts out on an easy level but only becomes harder the further on down. Because of the obstacle turning meticulous, people eventually crave to attend college to pursue an education; young adult, middle aged, or over middle aged adults. The reason people are inspired to attend college is that the job industries are wanting people with degrees over people with hands-on- skills. The job industries feel that people with college degrees are more likely to make the job industry flourish more than people who have not attended college but know from experience. With companies, hiring the educated people over the non-educated people comes an issue, not everyone can afford a degree. People who do not attend college usually work the lower line jobs, join the military, fall into crime, and end up with bad credit. Most un-educated people do not make much money and have financial struggles. Due to financial problems, people are not attending college. If people did not have to pay to attend college, paid by taxpayers similar to a regular public school, more people would try harder to attend. Public schools are paid through taxpayers; it is how the state keeps the schools running which should be the same way with community colleges. Community colleges are not high price, but even a little bit of payment can hold people back. Today’s market economy is not cheap or easy to live by, house hold items and even rent is expensive. With the economy hanging by a string, people are less likely to spend money on items in the “want” category. With an expensive economy, people are not willing to spend money on college. According to the article of College Trends, the cost of a community college ranges from $2,544 to $7,020 (College Board 2010). Even though that is low and may seem affordable, to others, it is just too much to deal with. Finance is a common excuse to why people do not pursue an education. If people use finance as an excuse for everything, the economy would be in worst shape. Every year, the change in price of attending a college rises. As seen in the pie chart, illustration A demonstrates the increase of college fees through percentage. Every year, college fees increase and will continue for years to come. community college increase is more than a private because community college is not nearly as expensive as a Private Four- Year College. Four-year colleges are wonderful schools to attend, but a community college can offer some of the same courses. An issue with universities, most of the students attends the college with a scholarship that they worked hard for in high school or former schools. An overall issue is, student loans are becoming a “No” because people are already in debt due to taxes and credit. Credit has a huge factor on the society. If someone has bad credit, the person is unable to receive certain loans and is held back from the economy. However, students loans do not factor in to someone’s credit, a person’s credit is not looked at when taking out a student loan. Due to debt, people refuse to take out student loans, which will only take them further in debt, in their view. People do have to pay students loans back and sometimes the payments can be hard, but it is affordable and people over look that. There is a huge difference between the cost of a University and a community college.

Universities are private four- year colleges that are expensive and well known for exceptional graduates. The definition of a community college is a college without a residential facility (Credo Reference). The average cost of a four-year University is $26,27 (College Board)which is a extreme difference than a community college. Usually, students who attend a university received scholarships and tuitions from achieving a...
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