Community Attitude Towards Female Education

Topics: Gender, Education, History of education, Gender equality / Pages: 12 (2899 words) / Published: Oct 25th, 2011

Vol. 3. No.1. January, 2011, Part III

Dr. Saqib Shahzad , Riasat Ali , Muhammad Zaighem Qadeer , Hukamdad , Muhammad Saeed Khan Institute of Education & Research, University of Science & Technology, Bannu, 2 Project director CIEDA Ministry of Education, Islamabad 3 Department of Education, NUML Islamabad, Pakistan 4 Department of Education Hazara University, Haripur Campus Haripur, (KPK), (PAKISTAN) E-mails:,,,, ABSTRACT Education is basic right of each individual. Provision of educational facilities to all its masses is the obligation of society. In social perspective of the society, education is directly related to the development of the society. Females are the half population of the country. If we can not educate this youth part of our population, we can not develop our country on sound bases. The major purpose of the study was to investigate the community attitude towards female education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The main objectives of the study were: To know the views of parents about the education of girls. To investigate the attitude of community about female education. To explore the reason of girls drop out from schools. To suggest some measures for the promotion of female education. All the parents (both male and female) of the Khyber Pakhtunkhaw were treated as population of the study. Two hundred parents were selected as sample of the study using convenient sampling technique from district Bannu. Data was collected through administering the questionnaires validated through the pilot testing. For that purpose, the researcher himself visited homes, mohallahas and villages for the collection of data from parents (both male, female) and girl’s dropouts. Data collected through the above-mentioned research instruments was tabulated, analyzed and interpreted by using

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