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Oxford County; Community Assessment

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Oxford County Community Assessment
Oxford County is located along the western border of Maine with a total area of 2,175.26 square miles. There is a total land area of 2,078 square miles of land accompanied by 97.26 square miles of water. (Oxford County, Maine - Wikipedia; the free encyclopedia, 2012). The total population of Oxford County based upon the 2010 census is 57,833. (State and County Quickfacts, 2012). Oxford County is one of 16 in the state of Maine, formed in 1805 and contains 13 towns. Over 80% of the area is covered in forests; Oxford County is an area very rural with the closest metropolitan area over an hour away. There are no major highways in the area occupied by Oxford County; U.S. Route 2 is the major two-lane roadway and runs east to west from New Hampshire through Rumford in Oxford County to Farmington in Franklin County. State Route 26 in Oxford is the major north/south roads: Rt. 26 is a two lane roadway that traverses from Oxford northward to Bethel and New Hampshire southward. Both of these roads are well paved and maintained during winter months, although there are many access roads and old logging roads that lead into the forested areas and not well maintained during the winter. There is no available passenger train or commercial bus services in the area, as well as no local public transportation. The airports that are present do not offer commercial flights and are county-operated, private, or small. For low-income and elderly persons in need of medical services such as doctor appointments there are two non-profit transportation companies which offer limited bus service. (Community Concepts, Inc., 2011). Oxford County has been known for being a vacation spot for the affluent from Boston and New York as well as being known for its magnificent mountain ranges, ski trails and as the Gemstone Capitol of Maine. ( Oxford Maine, 2012). Driving through this area one is impressed by all of the natural beauty seen, from the lush green of the summer, brilliant colors of fall, crisp white snow of fall, and vast array of crystals and gems found in the rivers and granite walls of the mountains. The Oxford County has an Emergency Operations Plan, outlined within the plan is a development of how other counties are able to support Oxford County during a disaster and also a contracted or established a mutual aid relationship with certain organizations able to provide assistance: Oxford County Mental Health Services and Tri-County Mental Health Services will provide services for behavior health and counseling, Emergency Medical Services, Stevens Memorial Hospital and West Maine Health Services, Rumford Community Hospital and Central Maine Medical Family, the Sherriff’s Department, municipal police departments, as well as state police, and Maine’s Game Wardens. There is a very detailed EOP and included in the information provided is stated that in the event that Oxford County’s Emergency Management Administrator or assistants cannot be reached another EMA from the other 15 counties with in this state coalition can initiate the EOP. (Emergency Operations Plan Inc., 2007) The Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has the ability and responsibility to manage and implement disaster assistance programs: State Disaster Relief and State Individual Assistance Program as well as FEMA Public Assistance Program and Individuals and Household Programs. All of the programs are set up to assist the public and private sector after declared emergencies and disasters. (Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance: Maine, 2012) The populace of Oxford County is 57,833 people, the majority (97.0%) being white with other populations making up the other 3%; Hispanic or Latino 1%, black/African American 0.4%, American Indian and Alaska Native persons 0.4%, and Asian 0.6%. English is the primary language spoken (95.5%) French and...

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