Community and Population Health Nursing: Henrico County Assessment

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Community & Population Health Nursing Task 1, C228
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County Assessment
My assessment is of Henrico County in the state of Virginia. Henrico County is located within the Commonwealth of Virginia, 2010 census count for the county population was 306,935 with an estimated 2013 county population of 316,973. (Wikipedia, n.d.) Henrico County is the 5TH most populous county within the state and also one of the oldest counties within the country. (Wikipedia, n.d.) Henrico County boarders the city of Richmond and actually crescents the city on the west, north and eastern boarders. The county is boarded by the Chickahominy River to the north and the James River to the south. (Wikipedia, n.d.) Henrico County has an excellent transportation infrastructure that consists of highways I-95, I-295, I-195 and I 64, you can be across town in a matter of 30 minutes from most locations. (Wikipedia, n.d.) The economy is primarily driven by law, finance, governmental agencies both state and federal, banking and healthcare. (Wikipedia, n.d.) Henrico County encompasses 245 square miles. (Wikipedia, n.d.) Population Economic Status Assessment

Henrico County per the U.S. Census Bureau had an estimated population for year 2013 of 314,480 residents. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013) The residential age breakdown per age is under 18 = 73,129, 18-64 years old = 199,276 and 65 and older = 42,075, with 147,959 males and 166,521 females. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013) The average household income for Henrico

County is 61,048 dollars with a percentage of households at or below poverty levels at 10.7%. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013) Racial breakdown of residents is as follows 55.6% White, 30% African American, 7.6% Asian, 5.3% Hispanic, 0.4% Native American and 1.5% others. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013) Educational attainment is less than high school = 21,340, high school graduate = 49,513, some college or associates degree = 59,707 and bachelor’s degree or higher = 84,732. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013) Civilian labor force is 172,772 with currently 162,132 persons working leaving an unemployment rate of 4.8 percent. 79,392 males are employed, while 82,740 females are employed. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013) Of the Henrico County population 26.8% of families are eligible for some form of public assistance, although figures for participation were not available. (County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, 2014) Percent of population that had employer based benefits was 61.2% while 12.2 % of Henrico’s population was uninsured. (County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, 2014) Per capita personal health care expenditures in the state of Virginia for year 2009 was 6,286 dollars, with an average annual growth of 5.1%. (CMS.Gov, n.d.) Percent of population that some type of Medicare or Medicaid expenditures for fiscal year 2009 was 19.7% of county population. (CMS.Gov, n.d.) Employment in Henrico County consists mainly of law, finance, state and federal governmental agencies, banking, healthcare, information technology, wholesale trade and a manufacturing base, but manufacturing has severely declined within the last 10 years. (Wikipedia, n.d.) Henrico County had a birth rate of 5, 633 births and a death rate of 2,679 for the year 2012, per the Virginia Health Department (VDH, 2012) Henrico County had a premature death rate of 612 in year 2014, 49 deaths were attributed to injury deaths. (County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, 2014) Henrico County residents had 2.8 poor physical health days along with 2.6 poor mental

health days, 11% of population considered to be in poor health. (County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, 2014) Adult smoking was 17%, Adult obesity was at 28%, physical inactivity was at 24% but opportunities to exercise or access to exercise opportunities was 91%. (County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, 2014) Alcohol impaired driving deaths was 39%, while excessive drinking was 18%. (County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, 2014) Sexually transmitted...

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