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Topics: Disability, Mental disorder, Rehabilitation counseling Pages: 10 (1783 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Go through and change the names of who is in charge of the agency now

Running Head: Community Agency Report

Alysia Webb
College of Education
Cal State San Bernardino
San Bernardino, Ca
(714) 585-1365

Presented in

College of Education
Cal State San Bernardino
Instructor: Dr. Mcreynolds
November 16, 2011

Vocational rehabilitation counseling services are among the most common mental health services provided in the United States. The purpose of rehabilitation counseling is to provide the individual with the necessary tools and skills they may need in order to obtain work and function in society despite their disability or impairment. This transition is achieved through working with an agency or counselor who is able to provide the services necessary to empower the individual to reach their goals. I set out to investigate three different agency offices in the greater Inland Empire. I chose to visit the Students With Disabilities Center at CSUSB, the Riverside County Mental Health and finally, I visited an Independent Contractor who works with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Department of Labor. The first Agency I visited is the California State University San Bernardino Office of Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD) which provides assistance to students with disabilities. Primarily, the agency assists them with their school needs as well guiding them to obtain internships and employment. Additionally, the Agency Director Dr. Jaworski overseas the implementation of the Workability program at CSUSB. The SSD office acts as a catalyst and agent for compliance with federal and state laws that mandate equal opportunity and access for persons with disabilities. These programs and their technology levels the playing field allowing CSUSB students with disabilities the opportunity to pursue their education goals. The mission statement of the SSD is: The mission of the Services to Students with Disabilities office is to increase retention for students with disabilities by ensuring equitable treatment and equal access to all academic programs and facilities at California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Beth Jaworski serves as the current Executive Director of the SSD. She is responsible for supervising the staff, student assistants, budget analysis, assisting with the legal/compliance matters, and coordinating with the DOR. Additionally, she ensures the entire campus is up to ADA standards and accessible for students with disabilities. In performing this second task, she reviews all architectural plans for the new additions on campus to ensure the buildings are ADA accessible as well as student accessible. When asked about why someone such as herself needs to review architectural plans Dr. Jaworski stated, “…that legal conformity doesn’t necessarily mean it is useable for the students…” The SSD office employs 10 staff members on the SSD side and 6 for the Workability program, which provide services for about 600 students. The support staff credentials include backgrounds in accounting, budget analyst, and administrative skills. The case loads are divided by disability. The center employs case workers, rehab counselors (with Master’s), PhD’s, and social workers with mental health backgrounds. The Center is open to all students at CSUSB with disabilities who have been made eligible through SSD. Accommodations are determined and approved by counselors only, and students must submit an application for services packet to the SSD office before being approved for services. They offer a variety of accommodations available to provide students with equal access such as: Alternate Furniture

Alternate Media
Sign-Language Interpreter
Assistive Listening Devices
Cart Services
In-Class Aides
Note-Taking Services
Real-Time Captioning
Exam Accommodations
Priority Registration
In addition to the SSD services provided...
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