“Communist Prison Camp”

Topics: Bullying, The Prisoner, Abuse Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: March 12, 2011
“Communist Prison Camp”- Discussion Questions 1-5

Question 1 Answer
The techniques that were used to bring about the destruction of self-awareness among the prisoners began placing the prisoner in to a cell with four of more inmates. Where his cellmates would harangue the prisoner. Physical and mental abuse in the form of beatings and humiliation, this would happen 24 hours a day for weeks or months a time. If a prisoner displayed particular resistance to the transformation, physical restraint that left the prisoner at the mercy of the other cellmates for basic physical needs such as toileting, eating and drinking, was used. This was the highest reduction to an animal-like existence that constituted to the ultimate humiliation inform the prisoner’s fellow man and let to the destruction of the prisoner’s image of himself.

Question 2 Answer
The opposite process of that could be used to create the reveres process and strengthen the self-concept would a reward system. As, they are used to build self-esteem and would help the prisoner become more aware of who he is. The rewords can be a verity of thinks depending on the situation. In an office it can be in a form of raise/bonus or by recognizing a job well done in front of collogues. Which produces a feeling of self-worth. In the case of the prisoner, rewords look more towards stopping the mental and physical abuse. By doing so, the prisoner will regain his “human” existence. Question 3 Answer

I help would the new managers find and understand their strengths and inclinations by submitting each of them to a series of small tasks. Where they would be requiring to fallow step-by-step actions, which are both combined with other managers work as well as their own, to expose what the strengths and weakness of each new manger. By knowing the strengths and inclination of each of the new managers will help the firm to decide where each of the managers would do the most good. Meaning, the strengths and inclination...
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