Communism and Fascism

Topics: Sociology, Political philosophy, Government Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: October 29, 2014
In Europe around the 1940s, there were two major forms of government in the world, communism and fascism. The major nations that used these government forms include Germany, Italy and Russia. All said nations benefited very greatly from the use of these ideologies whereas both ideologies have many of the same principles and basically just as many opposing principles. The similarities and differences vary greatly in the fields of social and economic influences and the impact on religion throughout the areas. The basic principle of communism is that it depends on the government’s control of industry while Fascism is based on the pride of the society and on violence to create the ideal society through the eyes of the leader. There is a difference in the two governmental styles with regards to social structure. In a true communistic society, there are no social classes, because there is a command economy which deletes the use of a social structure. All citizens are equal and share everything. In a society where Fascism is used, there are very pronounced social classes mainly because everyone has a specific role. Also in communism, religion is primarily abolished. One’s loyalty is to be focused to the state. The state is considered the peoples religion. That is similarly related to that of a fascist society because the citizens were to focus on the state as well. Only certain religious organizations were allowed because they were already linked to the state. Socially and economically, these 2 ideologies share and differ greatly. Politically, these ideologies are very different. Communism has rule from a single party that used a form of democracy inside of it to decide on things for the state. Fascism was against this form while a single, authoritarian leader made the decisions.Violent reforms took place under fascism to create a perfect society through the eyes of the leaders such as Hitler or Mussolini.

Communism and Fascism contained more differences than...
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