Communications Netiquette

Topics: Coca-Cola, Internet, E-mail Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: May 12, 2013
The following essay is about netiquette and how it plays a role today in organisations. I will be looking at what the universal rules are to writing an email and looking at large business organisations and what their social media policies are regarding their employees. Netiquette is a combination of the two words ‘Internet’ and ‘etiquette’ and it refers to conduct that is socially acceptable in an online or digital situation and the rules regarding certain conduct. With interaction using social media over the Internet becoming ever more common, these rules are absolutely essential. Email within a business setting is an essential tool these days as it is a cheap and effective method of communicating within an organisation however there are some netiquette rules in place in order to use email in a correct and professional manner. According to Nicholas Harvey, the author of the book ‘Effective Communications’, the four main rules of email etiquette are: 1. Always re-read your emails before sending them. 2. Always save attachments to disk and check them before opening them. 3. Think about what information you send – is it as readable as a postcard. 4. Avoid using full caps on words as this may be interpreted as shouting or flaming. A breach of these rules may result in reprimanding or even an employee getting fired if the email could possibly discredit the company’s reputation. Depending on the company’s policy, there may be more or less rules and the punishment for breaching these may be more or less severe. While doing my research for this assignment, I stumbled upon the following website ‘’. On this website I was able to access the social media policies of some of the largest businesses in the operation today. I decided to look at the social media policies of ‘Coca Cola, Dell and Volvo’. I think you’ll agree these are three very different company’s however many of their policies regarding social media were...
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