Communications & Crisis

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Communication and Crisis
The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) has begun to receive official reports stating that the public water supplies of several towns in the South East Texas (SET) area have become contaminated with life-threatening biological agents. As director of this office, it is my responsibility to address contingency plans within the organization and the public; without creating panic. Areas of focus will include external and internal communication channels, communication advantages and challenges, communication strategies, applicable technology, technology utilization, and media opportunities. Successful management of the situation requires the establishment of teams and communication channels. Organization teams include a state relations team, district relations, media relations, and a crisis communications team (CCT). State, district, and media relations will communicate with CCT acting as coordinator. As the director of TDEM, I will be in charge of the CCT and oversee all organization operations. The state relations team till will be in charge of communications with the Texas Department of Health, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Emergency Management Council (TEMC), and other government officials. According to Texas law, mayors and county judges serve as emergency management directors, bearing the responsibility for maintaining an emergency management program within their respective jurisdictions (TDEM, 2014). This will help with local emergency coordination’s. The district relations team will engage with local authorities to organize emergency response operations. The media relations team will communicate with local and online media sources and keep them informed of the issue.

Our organizations communication channels can instantly connect with multiple organizations at once. This gives our organization a major advantage. We have the ability to...

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