Communications Audit

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Communications Audit is a study to analyze the productivity of companies that allocate a large budget and work energy for their marketing communications and image building as well as those companies that are planning an IPO.

II.Measurings covered by the audit

The most important feature of a Communications Audit is that it can measure qualitative as well as quantitative values. The items that can be measured are:

·Precision of the implementation of the communications strategy – tone of marketing communications, use of communications tools, dosage of messages- ·Study of the communications infrastructure
·Productivity of outsourcing the communications services
·Target levels reached in marketing communications
·Image vis-a-vis public opinion makers
·Image vis-a-vis the target group
·Study of the social and political standing of the institution ·Pinpointing gossip and myths
·Media content analysis
·Analysis of competitive strenght
·Productivity of the budget
·Degree of exposure to risk
·Power to resist crisis


1-Definition of main stakeholders
2-Consesus check among top management regarding strategies
3-Comparison between strategy and implementation, assessment of contradictions, ambiguities and obstacles 4-In-depth survey with top management regarding internal communications 5-Study with other stakeholders and study of opinion makers 6-Study of target group

7-Focus group surveys
8-Market intellignece (for competition analysis)
9-Media scanning
10-Budget analysis


Results of all surveys and studies will be included in the report in graphical form, image maps and comparative tables. The productivity of the institution's communications activities and conformity to its targets as well as corporate and brand image, its competitive strength and weakness towards risks will be assessed in detail. Finally, the company's proficiency in...
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