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Assignment Three
July 19th, 2013
Section Seven and Eight
When pursuing potential customers for a public relations campaign, I think it sic vital to set campaign objectives first. I personally feel that there should be a set of guidelines that I should follow in order to create a successful campaign. As a person of power, it is important for me to make sure my company renders these guidelines to hopefully help out company grow toward the future. These are not my objectives but rather the guidelines I feel we need to assess before coming up with our companies objectives. The first belief/guideline is providing realistic views of our communication materials in order to figure out what it are that needs to be accomplished. Secondly, we should give clear direction as to the main idea of our campaign as well as promotional materials needed to communicate clearly to our customers. Lastly, we need to provide a clear understanding of our target marketing, demographics, psychographics, motivations, and behavioral descriptions.

As these guidelines are put into effect there are a couple other attributes that can help our company be more aware of problems that may occur during the duration of our campaign. Public relation companies use the four “o’s” to create awareness in what the companies want to pursue as the overall goals. The first is “o,” is output and this takes a look into the drive execution. It only focuses on this. This is important because we need to make sure that the success of our company is growing and the execution of our campaign is how success our company is going to be. The second is outtakes which takes a look at the possible outcomes like

awareness and beliefs. These are intermediate outcomes but they play a crucial part in what our company wants to achieve. The third and possibly most important “o” is outcomes which is our drive in actual behavior. This to me represents a core of different pieces that will help us figure...
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