Communication Without Words

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Communication without words
Susanne K. Langer, who was born in New York City in 1985 and went to Radcliffe College. She maintained her interest in Philosophy till the time she dies in 1985. She was teaching at Harvard University, University of Delaware, Columbia University and Connecticut College. She was a writer too and wrote three books. The essay that I am writing about was published in Ms. Magazine, where author tells us how language separates human from the animal kingdom. As being human, we create imagery world from the way we think. In this essay Langer elaborates more between signs and symbols and explain that how they are two different things. One theory is that language evolved from signs, which are used by animals and humans too. We stop at red lights, go on green, if somebody is at the door or phone, we answer them, watch for weather. That way essential difference between animals and humans can be formed. Signs represent another method of communication --- quite different and not nearly as sophisticated as speech. We communicate important information by way of stop signs, warning signs, speed limit signs, etc. and they all have one thing in common, as Langer succinctly states, "A sign is always imbedded in reality" (98). In other words, a sign tells us something right up front, not leaving any room for interpretation, and not requiring much thought. By its very nature, the sign simply requires some action or reaction to the message it presents. Men and animals can be like each other too since they both use signs. In fact men would be little brighter than animals, he knows how he will be spending his life as being young, middle-aged and old person. Since we can use signs not only symbols that makes us different in a biological manner. This tells that symbolic meaning of words is what it makes the language and how it evolves. This is true that language evolved from signs, which are used by animals. Symbols, on...
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