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Republic of the Philippines
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“Effective Communication between Management and Employees”

Training Module

I. The Definitions of Communication
There are several definitions of communication as advanced by different authorities, such as: 1. According to Robert Albanese, “communication is information that flows and transfers meaning and understanding form an information source, which is the sender, to an information receiver.” 2. According to Keith Davis’ “communication is the process of passing information and understanding from one person to another person.” 3. According to Mcfarland, “Communication is the process of meaningful interaction among human beings. It is the process by which meanings are received and understandings are reached among human beings” 4. According to Newman and Summer, “Communication is the exchanging of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons.” 5. According to Robbins and Coulter. “Communication involves the transfer and understanding the meanings. 6. According to Qureshi, “Communication is the Interaction between persons which includes the exchange of information, ideas, emotions, and understanding between persons.” Finally, Communication can be defined as the process of exchanging information, ideas, feelings and understanding between the sender and receiver. It is the process of conveying meanings between two persons. It is a systematic process of conveying, listening and understanding something between two or more persons through words, figures, symbols, pictures, body, language, colors, and sounds.

Characteristics of Communication
Communication is a process of interaction or an interactive process between persons. 1. Communications is a two-way process between the sender and the receiver. It includes exchange of ideas to promote understanding and goodwill. 2. Communications is a social process.

3. Communications is a dynamic social process which is adapted in accordance with the changing needs of the business environment. 4. Communication involves at least two persons, the sender of the message and the receiver of the message. 5. Communication should be properly planned to reach the target audience. 6. Communication should be performed by all the managers and employees in all levels of the organizational hierarchy. 7. Communication aims to extract desired response or data from the receiver. 8. The message of communication is expressed through words, date, symbols, body language, pictures, figures, and sounds.\ 9. Communication may be oral, written or gestural.

10. Communication may be directed downward, upward, horizontally or on the same level. 11. The end result of communication is to attain harmony, understanding and cooperation in the organization. Objectives and Goals of Communication

According to John G. Clover, the objectives and goals of communication are the following: 1. To keep employees well-informed.
2. To provide employees with proper orders and instructions in relations with their duties and responsibilities. 3. To gather information from employees which may help management in decision making 4. To make every employee interested in his/her job and enjoy working in the company in general. 5. To express management’s interest and satisfaction in its personnel. 6. To reduce fast turn-over of personnel.

7. To motivate employees with the will to work and with the benefits obtained from their employment with the company. 8. To instill every employee with personal pride and joy being a part of the company. II. The Importance of Communication

According to haimann, “ the success of all managerial functions depends on successful communication.” Other experts state that, “good communication is the foundation for sound management.’ In...
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