Communication Theory Paper

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Communications Theory Paper
Jackie Leatherwood
This example goes to show that different cultures have so many different beliefs. When a patient comes into the emergancy room they may request that a particuilar pastor from a particuliar church come to say prayers over them, such as in the Navajo people they will more than likely search out a healer to treat them before they would seek out the medical field in their local town. Many times patients have certain beliefs as in women not allowing male nurses or doctors to examine them, for they believe it is a sin for another man to see their bodies other than their husbands. This could lead to a dangerous position for the patient especially if there is not another person (male/female) to take over their care. According to Jablin (1987) communication-turnover model, eight communication variables may be the antecedents to the intent to leave or commitment variables. These eight communication variables are and according to Jablin (1987) supervisory communication is critical antecedence for communication-turnover model. The communication variables are: organization wide communication; Everyone in an organization has to be able to openly communicate so that each patient is given the care needed, not only is this physical care it is mental care as well. A patient that believes that they have commited some major sin against themselves, family, church or their god can will themselves to die. It is imperative that staff recongize this and react accordingly. organizational characteristics; An organization should train its staff in the proper way to handle any kind of situtation. integration in emergent communication networks;

supervisor communication relationship;
Supervisor’s have to have open communication among all their staff in order to run a smooth organization. If the staff trust and respects the supervisor they will always be willing to try...
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