Communication That Changes the World

Topics: Time magazine Persons of the Year, George W. Bush, Congressional Gold Medal recipients Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Communication That Changes the World
How does communication change the world? You know what? I typed those six words into Google, hoping to find a final illustration for a presentation I was about to give. But I underestimated the power of a few words. For the next several hours, I listened to recordings and read transcripts of some of the most famous speeches delivered in history. I heard Martin Luther King, Jr. announce his dream of racial equality. I read Winston Churchill‘s challenge to fellow Britons at the shocking news of France’s fall. I felt George W. Bush‘s call to unity a mere nine days after September 11, 2001. I listened in awe as Nelson Mandela pleaded for forgiveness and reconciliation across black and white lines. What I heard did not disappoint me. Again and again these communicators harnessed the power of communication to inspire hope, challenge culture, fight evil and unite individuals to something grand, something quite near to divine. Although they had no way to know it, what they said in their moment would end up changing the course of so many other moments. Words carry far more power than we realize. We fling them about, careless, half-hearted, often more caught in making a good impression rather than making a difference. But within our words lies the power to change the world, and it’s time we started speaking like it. You’re a communicator, whether on a stage in front of thousands or in a classroom with a handful of first graders. Step up to the task, know your purpose, see the deep needs of our world, and allow the message to have the spotlight. You just might change history.

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