Communication Style

Topics: Communication, Graphic communication, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 4 (1666 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Term Paper: My Supervisors' Communication style analysis
Communication is necessary in everything we do. It is fundamental for an organization to have effective communication. In the book Organizational Communication, the author writes that “Communication is the vital link in the chain of events that is the process of managing a business. It is the single factor that makes an organization viable, successful, effective, enduring” (Zaremba, 2010, p. 5). Although it is imperative that organizations hire supervisors that can communicate well with the line staff, there are corporations and businesses that hurt themselves by having supervisors with aggressive communication styles. I work for the Department of Public Social Services. In my department we have several supervisors that do not communicate well. In this paper I am going to be analyzing a supervisor that has worked for the department for over 25 years. Molly Guerrero has a lot of experience, she is also very knowledgeable, but she lacks communication skills. Her communication style is extremely aggressive, and as a result she has been unable to promote and she faces many issues at work. Mrs. Guerrero is one of the most intelligent supervisors I have met in the department. She has so much knowledge about the department. She knows all of the county policies and rules and regulations. Any time there is a problem in the district, the directors always look for her to solve their issues. She has more knowledge that anyone in our district. I know that Mrs. Guerrero can run the whole district by herself. In addition, she is a very good supervisor to her unit members. She is always willing to help all her unit members. She understands if one of her unit members is running late or they need to leave early. If any of Mrs. Guerrero’s workers in her unit get in trouble or do a mistake, you can bet money that she will defend her workers indefinitely. She is very protective of her workers. She will not go without a fight...

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