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Topics: Self-esteem, Facial mask, Photo manipulation Pages: 4 (1282 words) Published: September 24, 2013
General Introduction

My portfolio, “The Effects of Photo-Manipulation on Teenagers’ Self-perception” consists of a reflection, expository and analysis. Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to create an illusion or deceive someone. The portfolio’s purpose is to educate teenagers about the effects that photo-manipulation may have on their self-perception. In the reflection, I explored the negative effects of photo-manipulation on a teenager whose low self-esteem led to a negative body image. My reflection helped me to achieve my purpose by showing the intended audience that when teenagers with low self-esteem are bombarded by manipulated images, they are prone to altering their bodies using shady methods. In the expository, I developed my theme by exploring the negative effects of photo-manipulation such as depression, low self-worth and unhealthy diets. The theme relates to my academic interests because Communication Studies aided my understanding of the messages sent by non-verbal graphics and improved my communication with teenagers affected by edited images. It also relates to my work interests since I intend to become a software engineer and graphics artist. By understanding the impact of the manipulated photos, I can share my knowledge with teenagers. My theme selection was motivated by several incidents I read about where teenagers developed eating disorders because of photo-manipulation. As a photoshop hobbyist, I desire to help such teenagers since photo-manipulation should not be used to deceive others.

The purpose of “Jenna’s Misconception” is to inform teenagers both male and female, of the effects photo manipulation may have on their self-perception. In particular, this piece would be more suitable for teenagers with low self-esteem who are easily influenced by what the world calls the ideal look. However this story may help this age group to not be led on when reading magazines, with these flawless...
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