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Communication Studies – Internal Assessment
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The theme of “Technology” and topic of “Artificial Intelligence in Society” was chosen as I found it very intruding because I grew up being exposed to all sorts of technological and electronic equipment. I have always been interested in technology and I have always tried to keep up with its rapid advances. My target audience is teenagers between the ages of 16-19 years of age. From previous knowledge, I have found that the term artificial intelligence is commonly misinterpreted and tied to robots who can “think” for themselves. Although that does fall under the topic artificial intelligence, it is just a small part of it and I wanted to research, know and share the real, broader meaning of it. I am studying in order to pursue a career in medicine, and though it might seem unrelated, artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming a bigger part in that field. The knowledge that I will gain from researching this topic will greatly benefit me in the future as it will expose me to the types of equipments and material, related to artificial intelligence, which I will be around if I become a surgeon. My Internal Assessment portfolio is sectionalised into four major segments:- 1. Introduction

2. Preface – Containing my inspiration and reasons for my reflective piece. 3. Reflective – Dramatic piece about Artificial Intelligence. 4. Analytical – Analysis of dialectal variation and language registers from my reflective.

The main purpose of my reflective piece is to expose the meaning of artificial intelligence and how it is found in everyday society. This piece was written as a dramatic play because I have taken part and I am currently in a drama group. Therefore I am exposed and comfortable with drama scripts. It is intended to grab the attention and educate people who have little or no knowledge of how artificial intelligence is around us is used and evolving constantly. This play takes place at a technology exposition where many technological devices are being showcased and demonstrated. It is a public event filled with many different people from different backgrounds. The characters in this play are in a conference where Professor Gregory, an expert in the artificial intelligence field is explaining to construction workers, Mr. Brown and his overseer Mr. Smith, how their job can be made easier using modern technology. Mr. Brown is a fairly old man who is “old fashion” and isn’t accustomed to using modern technology.

Human Replacement
Hyatt. A conference hall for a technology exposition.
[Enter MR. BROWN, MR. SMITH, the chairman and other attendants.] CHAIRMAN [addressing all the attendants]: Welcome one and all to the third annual technology exposition. Please feel free to explore the booths. You will be greeted soon by our speaker in a few minutes. Please then proceed to sit on the chairs provided at the middle of the hall. Enjoy! MR. BROWN: Aye Smitty, you was rite inno...dis place rel bess. MR. SMITH: Glad to see you like the place.

MR. BROWN: Yeh, buh who is the speaker you waz tellin me bout? MR. SMITH: His name is Professor Gregory. He help invent some of the equipment that we company going to buy. CHAIRMAN: Please welcome our speaker of the hour, Professor William Gregory. [Enter PROFESSOR GREGORY].

[All attendants hurry to find a seat.]
PROF. GREGORY [addressing everyone]: Greetings comrades! I anticipate that you all found delight in this exposition thus far. I am here today to elucidate how my inventions and modern technology on a whole can make your jobs easier. MR. SMITH [whispering to Mr. Brown]: Well boyy! Dem like to chain up people head with dem big words eh. [Mr. Smith shakes his head in disapproval.]

PROF. GREGORY: My first...

John McCarthy”
Dreyfus, Hubert. What Computers Still Can 't Do. New York: MIT Press. ISBN 0262041340.
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